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About Me

About Me

Οlga Karaververis, is one of the most important fashion creators of her generation. Unparalleled
talent, unique sense of creativity and the great love for fashion are the main characteristics of the
renowned Greek designer.
She studied at the Euro Academy Fashion School of Art & Design of PanSik Scuola Di Moda Italia.
Always being particularly a restless spirit, she also continued and completed her studies by
graduating from the Open University of Cyprus, at the Business Administration department.
Her ultimate inspiration was, and always will be, the woman; the trigger for each new creation.
The excellent craftsmanship and superior character of Olga Karaververis‘ creations, both in the
bridal as the Haute Couture collections, have a wide acceptance.
With her unique sense of style, she chooses the fabrics and laces one by one herself, with great
attention to every little detail, with a sense of theatricality is ever present in each creation. Olga
Karaververis’ creations are tailor-made; they have a unique character, expressing aesthetics,
subtle sensuality and quality. Haute couture collections by Olga Karaververis are also preferred by
an exclusive clientele and Greek celebrities.
Each creation stands out for its lightness and elegant line. The dedication to craftsmanship is
evident with a particular attention to details and the harmony of lines.
Dreams and creativity, luxury and high aesthetics, years of experience and excellent service are
synonymous with the name Olga Karaververis
Participated in the GIWA contest for the designer of the year, and went out among the 5 best
designers of the year.
meaningful references to magazines:
Voque Italy – Magazine
Deux Magazine – Top Five Shows from AXDW in Athens
All Greek Magazines

Memorable Moments


Η Ελληνίδα Σχεδιάστρια Olga Karaververis Κατά Της Φυσικής Γούνας

H Συλλογή Eclipse της Όλγας Καραβερβέρη, από τις καλύτερες (by far!) της αγαπημένης σχεδιάστριας!*

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17 Irakleitou Str., Kolonaki Athens
+30 2103633101


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